Grow your coaching business

It’s time to get paid to do what you love with clients you love.

Are you tired of playing the dating game with clients who are more like frogs than princes? Sick of swiping right on timewasters, pennypinchers, and high-maintenance complainers?

It's time to level up your game. And I want to help.

Imagine you’re at a fabulous party, surrounded by your dream clients – the ones who appreciate your worth, value your time, and bring out the best in you. Consider me your your wingwoman, helping you navigate the crowd, spot the gems, and make meaningful connections that last.

No more relying on blind dates (referrals) that may dry up at any moment. With me by your side, you’ll have a clear roadmap to attract the right kind of attention and build a loyal fan base that keeps coming back for more.

Forget about second-guessing your target market or feeling lost in a sea of competition. I’ll  help you define your niche, stand out from the crowd, and own your unique sparkle in a market full of copycats.

And hey, who needs a prince charming when you can be your own fairy godmother of success? Stop hustling 24/7 without seeing the cash flow you deserve. I’ll show you how to work smarter, not harder, and reach your revenue goals with style and grace.

So, grab your glass slippers and let me lead you to the ball where your coaching dreams come true! It’s time to shine bright like a diamond in a world full of cubic zirconia.

Ready to turn strangers into raving fans?

Are you tired of merely acquiring customers, only to see them vanish into the void? Do you dream of turning every interaction into a lasting relationship, where your customers not only stay but become your most enthusiastic advocates?

Say goodbye to fleeting customers and hello to loyal advocates with this FREE downloadable workbook!

Hey, I'm Shannon.

With a knack for turning marketing strategies into gold mines, I’ve been the wizard behind the curtain for over 20 years.

As a mentor to coaches, I’m known for turning diamonds in the rough into shining stars. As a former TV anchor and  PR pro, I’ve mastered the art of storytelling, unearthing tales that tug at heartstrings and spark conversations.

Balancing the roles of a fierce advocate for disability rights and a dedicated mom to twins with autism, I bring a tidal wave of empathy and scrappiness to every challenge. 

When I’m not conquering the world, you’ll find me savoring tea like it’s liquid wisdom, swirling wine like a connoisseur (I drink it more than swirl.), or whipping up dishes that could rival a Michelin-starred chef (at least that’s what my husband tells me).

Let’s blend creativity, kindness, and a pinch of sass to create some real magic together!  It all starts with a free discovery call to see what’s possible.

My goal for you: grow your visibility and scale your business

It’s high time for your brand to shine like a supernova in the galaxy of coaching. Let’s join forces to concoct a stellar plan to catapult your coaching business into profitable orbit, all while maintaining your unique flair and style. Here are some ways we can get started:

One-on-one mentoring
Content strategy session
Done-for-you services

My promise to you

  • I will always be honest with you, even when it’s tough and when you may not want to hear it. No beating around the bush here.

  • The world needs more people who are unafraid to shine brightly. That’s why we will strive for excellence without apologies.

  • We will celebrate every success, every win.  We’ll work hard, never backing down from a challenge. And stay humble and real, too.

  • And there will be laughter.  As long as you stick with me, I’ll be the one laughing with you as you enjoy your business and life.

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