Attention entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who have a dream to get their message to the world but a lack of funds to do so

Imagine a company paying YOU to do what you already do!

Companies will give away more than $17 BILLION this year.
Want a piece of that pie?

From the desk of Shannon Cherry
in the San Francisco Bay Area
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dear business owner:

If you’re like most entrepreneurs I talk to, you’re looking to get your message – and your dream -  out to your target market in bigger ways. But a lack of resources is holding you back, keeping your vision small when you know it can be much, much bigger.

But what if you could find someone to actually PAY you to get your vision out there? Yes, it IS possible, when you attract corporate sponsors to your marketing efforts. As a matter of fact, sponsorships will not only cover your expenses, but can even make a profit BEFORE you start any project, including:extra

  • Run a live event and get sponsors to pay for all the conference room and/or catering costs, promotions, printed materials, etc.
  • Create a virtual event and cover the costs of getting transcripts, webinar services and promotions
  • Get money for publishing a website or a blog while featuring information that draws audience members to that site
  • Attend a conference for free (one that you’d want to go to anyway!) – and have some money left over for a side trip
  • Find unique ways to partner with companies offering services you need in return for opportunities to be highlighted to your target market

Sponsorships can pay the bills and give you money to spare! And they can boost your image as well as your bottom line. Sponsorships are a great publicity and promotion technique for your business. Securing a sponsorship from a major company can:

  • Increase your credibility in the marketplace. You’ll look like a ‘real player’ when you have other companies partnering with you.
  • Build customer confidence. When people see your business name alongside other well-known brands, they will automatically trust you more.
  • Attract other partners and sponsors. When other businesses see that another company is your sponsor, many will want to join in to ride the wave of promotion and buzz you are creating.
  • Elevate the status of your brand and your company (without advertising).
  • Attract new clients and customers.
  • And much, much more!

And best of all, if done correctly you can create sponsorship deals that are often worth tens of thousands of dollars. Amazing but true…and the best part is virtually nobody knows how to do this!

But before I go into the how, let’s talk about some of the doubts you have that sponsorships can work for you.

There are some common myths that prevent business leaders like you from going after easy sponsorship deals. Here are the top 3:

Top 3 Myths About Getting Sponsors

Myth #1:

You need to be Justin Timberlake or another big name to get sponsors. Some people mistakenly believe that only people who are in the headlines and well known professionals get sponsored. This is simply not true! Sponsors are looking for people at all levels to help promote their products and brands.

Myth #2:

There are very few sponsorship opportunities. Companies are giving away more than $17 BILLION (yes, billion with a B) this year alone – even with a recession going on. Plus sponsorship is so much more than just cash in hand – for example, you can also get free products and services – making the opportunities limitless!

Myth #3:

Getting sponsorships is hard. Well, it can be hard, unless you know what you’re doing. But sometimes getting sponsored is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. A lot of companies are looking for people who can help spread the word about their products “on the streets.”

This is the secret MOST successful business owners don’t want you to know about…

What if you could get practically any project you’re doing paid for – whether it’s your blog or ezine, a speaking tour, a live or virtual event, or any kind of promotion you’re doing? Heck, you can even get paid to ATTEND a live event with sponsorship! Look: it’s stressful enough to put a promotion together, wouldn’t it be better to have one less thing to worry about? (And that would be how you’re going to fund your project.)

SHHHHGetting sponsored has long been a secret tightly held by the people who have actually gotten sponsored. This was because they were afraid that if they revealed their secrets, there might not be enough sponsorship dollars for them in the future.

That’s just plain silly. Every year there are billions of sponsorship dollars along with tens of millions of dollars in free products that are never claimed.

In today’s economy, companies are looking for ways to stretch their advertising budgets even further. It can cost millions of dollars to produce and run a 30-second television commercial. Radio and print advertising can be costly as well.

Sponsorships, on the other hand, allow companies to get their products in front of the people who may actually want to buy them without the huge investment of traditional advertising. It might seem counter-intuitive, but the worse the economy gets, the more companies there are looking for alternative ways to promote themselves.

How do I know this?ShannonCherry

I’m Shannon Cherry a business and marketing strategist. For more than 15 years, I’ve been helping organizations secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships.

Most people know me as that red-headed spitfire who helps get people on Oprah. And that’s true. But behind the scenes, I’ve been helping a select few build an impressive roster of sponsors for their own events, book tours, promotions and more. And not just a few thousand dollars, but this year alone, sponsorships totaling six figures!

Using my skills as a publicity pro and relationship builder, I’ve landed big money deals making strategic financial partnerships with companies including ReadyTalk, Borders, Pepsi, Fed-Ex, Southwest Airlines, Carnival Cruises, Bank of America and many more.

The key to getting sponsorships is easy once you know the secret!

Now that the cat’s out of the bag about my sponsorship success for myself and for others, I’ve often been asked what the real secret is to getting sponsors. Simply put:

It’s all about knowing what’s in it for the sponsor. Gone are the days that companies give away money just because it feels good.

carrot-and-stick-2It’s all about the ROI – the return on investment.

All the successful sponsorships I’ve secured over the years were with people and companies who had no prior knowledge of who I was or what I’d done in my professional career as a publicist. Their decision was based 100% on my finding the right ROI for them.

Yes, it IS that easy. But it goes deeper than that. Knowing the ROI is only the tip of the iceberg. You see, there are some very big assumptions (bad ones) that most people make once they think they’ve figured out the ROI and try to sell it to potential sponsors.

Assumptions including:

  • The return on investment (ROI) that you see is the same the ROI the sponsor wants.
  • Signage and banner displays are what every sponsor wants.
  • A simple Powerpoint presentation PDF’d is all you need to seal the deal.
  • Sending your proposal to the owner or president of the company is the best way to get a quick yes

And when you make bad assumptions, you end up hurting not only your chances of getting sponsored, but your reputation as well!

It’s vital that you learn all the steps needed to make sponsorship work for you, otherwise you’re never going to seize the chance to get paid for what you’re already doing, while increasing your visibility and credibility.

That’s why I’m now ready to SPILL THE BEANS!



You’re about to learn my clear, PROVEN, 6-STEP plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to get companies to sponsor you for just about ANYTHING you’re doing… even if you’ve never done it before!

When you invest in the Sponsorship Made Simple program, you’ll discover strategies and tips designed to help you create those winning sponsorship partnerships again and again. All you need to do is follow my step-by-step system to see results in YOUR business.

This program is for business leaders, coaches and consultants, who want to:

  • increase their profits
  • underwrite their expense for projects and promotions
  • create long lasting win-win partnerships
  • utilize the prestige of another company to increase their own credibility
  • maximize their visibility
  • and much more

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover in Sponsorship Made Simple:

Lesson 1:

Deciding on an irresistible project that will make potential sponsors take notice

Can any project – even an ezine or a blog that it seems EVERYONE is doing – be irresistible? You bet it can! It’s all in the positioning. In this lesson, you’ll learn some of my trade secrets to ‘spinning for positive outcomes.’

It’s vital to get this right so that all the other steps fall into place. Without this foundational element, any proposal you want to create for sponsors will be like a castle made of sand – it will fall apart the first time it’s put to the test.

In this lesson, I will personally teach you:

  • The reverse-thinking you need to do BEFORE you even select a project to get sponsored. Once you learn this simple, yet powerful trick, you will see immediate sponsorship potential in every project you decide to do.
  • The easy analysis with a twist you MUST do if you want to find the ROI for any potential sponsor. Miss this step and you’ll be leaving money on the table!
  • How to answer the ‘million dollar question’: how much is this project worth to a sponsor? Finding out the REAL value of your project will bring you one step closer to that ideal sponsor: one that will gladly pay you for the privilege of partnering with you.
  • The 5 questions you MUST ask yourself before moving forward with a project’s sponsorship plan. I don’t want your project to sound like a good sponsorship idea… I want you to be sure of it. The answers to these questions will make sure you’re ready, willing and able to get a company to pay you for your project.
  • How to structure your project positioning to make it press the ‘Hot Buttons” of a sponsor, making it hard to say no to you.  (Shhh… this is the secret to my very own success.)
  • The top 3 traps most people fall into when trying to position their project.  When you avoid these traps, you make your project look irresistible to a potential sponsor.
  • And more!

Check out what Felicia Slattery had to say about Sponsorship Made Simple.

Lesson 2:

My paint-by-numbers secret formula for finding the right sponsors for your project who will pay you tons of $$ for partnering with you

This is the one element which makes my system for getting sponsors fool-proof. No more grasping in the dark, trying to figure out which companies to target. (That often leaves you without the BIG PAYOFF you want anyway… wasting your time and efforts.)

I’ll be holding your hand through this lesson as you learn:

  • My easy, 3-part formula to create a ‘hit list’ of potential sponsors.  No more crossing your fingers and hoping some big name company will take pity on you and say yes.
  • Easily finding the ‘low hanging fruit’ of possible sponsors. Once you get some of these sponsors on board, it will actually be easier to get others!
  • The ideal way to make sure a sponsor is right for you and your project. If you forget to do this, you’ll be wasting your time on every other step.
  • How to find the RIGHT person to reach at a company to begin selling your sponsorship idea. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ve ruined your chances for ever getting a company to pay you for your project when you don’t talk to the right person!
  • The 5 super stealth tactics you need to do BEFORE ever approaching a potential sponsor.  You’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t follow these tactics. Trust me; this is my secret weapon!
  • Where the big sponsorship money is.  Not only will I show you how to find who’s giving out the big PAY DAYS, but how to tap into it.
  • My simple strategy to prequalify potential sponsors, so you won’t waste your time or theirs. You’re going to laugh when you find out how easy this is – and why doing it will ensure your proposal gets read!
  • and much more!

 Lessons 3 and 4:

The RIGHT way to craft a winning sponsorship proposal that gets your potential sponsors to sit up and take notice

This is the make-or-break for your sponsorship. And what’s sad is most people in the sponsorship business will tell you it’s as simple as slapping a PowerPoint presentation together and emailing it out. If you do that, all your hard work will go up in flames.

In fact, this is what you can expect if you DON’T put together a persuasive, compelling sponsorship proposal:

  • Prospective sponsors will tell you they think you have a great idea, but you’re not a good fit
  • You’ll hold off on good projects and promotions because you’re waiting for someone to see the value of it
  • You’ll be working harder to make money in everything you do

and the bottom line:

You won’t get sponsors!

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to have a degree in marketing, or major graphic design skills, or an uncle at some company to get sponsors.  I’ll teach you my very specific formula that will make you a hot sponsorship commodity in no time.

(And let me tell you, it’s REALLY fun to hear a company say yes to your proposal…no matter  how many times you hear it!)

In these sections, you’ll learn:

  • The RIGHT language to use when reaching out to sponsors.  If you want to play with the big guys, you better learn the right lingo – or take the chance of being dismissed as an amateur.
  • The top benefits to offer a sponsor without underselling yourself. I’ll give you a hint here… if you think it’s about giving then space to hang a sign, you’re dead wrong!
  • My exact strategies to make sure your proposal looks professional, but not ‘over the top.’ It’s a fine line between acceptable and outrageous in the sponsorship game. I’ll show you how to make sure you’re on the winning side.
  • The top ways to quickly know if a potential sponsor’s ‘just not that into you.’ Sometimes you can save the sponsorship relationship, with a little bit of ‘flirting’. I’ll show you how to keep their attention AND when to cut bait!
  • The BIGGEST mistakes most people make in their proposals.  If you have these included, say bye-bye to that sponsor.
  • And more!
Sheila Starkey
Working with your easy-to-follow method along with your templates and sample documents, anyone can easily secure sponsorship for many projects and activities. I know I will be using it again and again to help my business grow.

 Lesson 5:

The Real Secret – the one others won’t tell you – on EXACTLY how to make sure you close the sponsorship deal

Let me be frank here. A lot of people who get hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies in sponsorships are going to be furious with me for revealing their ‘trade secret’. When you learn this coveted piece of information, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see.

In this lesson, I’m taking you step by step to learn:

  • Exactly what you need to do (and, more importantly, when to do it) to see your sponsorship marketing results SKYROCKET!
  • How to turn a maybe into a yes, without selling the farm.
  • My personal play-by-play checklist to ensure you say exactly the right thing to a potential sponsor so they want to partner with you – EACH AND EVERY time.
  • Little ‘tricks’ to get even more than you asked for from a sponsor
  • and much more.

Lesson 6:

How to continue the sponsorship after the project has ended – so you can keep getting paid with very little effort!

You know the old saying that it takes five times more effort and cost to get a new customer than a repeat customer? Well, the same holds true for sponsors.

These strategies will not only keep the sponsorship money coming in, but also allow you to EFFORTLESSLY attract new sponsors, who see other sponsors partnering with you and want to jump on board.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • A simple strategy that ALWAYS makes your sponsors happy to be working with you again and again. I use this with every sponsor so when I come back the next time, they’re already smiling and saying, ‘Of course… We love partnering with you!’
  • The steps to get a sponsor to re-up or even increase their sponsorship commitment. These easy-to-do steps will always increase your profits each and every year.
  • My little-known tip to get your sponsor to help initiate other sponsorship deals – and get them to think it was THEIR idea to help you!
  • The top tips to leverage your new-found sponsorship credibility to get more sponsors AND customers.
  • and much more!

So how are you going to learn all this with Sponsorship Made Simple Program?

I’ve developed the Sponsorship Made Simple program little differently than most home study programs out there, as this is a highly specialized training. I want to make sure you will learn everything they need to secure sponsorships the RIGHT way, right away, including:

  • Find the right sponsors for your projects to pay you thousands of dollars a year
  • Understand the different kinds of sponsorships and why you want both in your sponsorship plan
  • Discover the real secret to knowing what makes a sponsor take notice of your proposal
  • Avoid the top mistakes most people make when approaching a sponsor
  • Leverage the media to attract sponsors
  • Discover the top benefits you can offer a potential sponsor
  • Craft a winning pitch letter and proposal. And know why you need both to make sponsors say ‘Yes!’
  • Manage the sponsorships to get them coming back year after year
  • And much, much more

So here’s what the entire Sponsorship Made Simple program looks like:

#1: 6 Sponsorship Lessons with accountability from meWomanHugComputer_269x179

In each of the 6 recorded videos to help you learn quickly. You can do these lessons at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. However, to keep you accountable, I’ll be sending you action plans, inspiration and additional resources every so often via email, just to keep you on track with your goal of getting your first sponsorship quickly!

#2: Templates, samples, checklists and scripts

Not only am I going to personally hold your hand throughout your lessons, but I’ll be providing you with downloadable samples, checklists, scripts and templates that I reference on the videos. These are proven sponsorship marketing materials – ones I used for my clients and for myself – that you can use over and over again.

#3: MP3 recordings of the lessons

Prefer having your lessons more portable? No problem. You’ll also get each lesson in MP3 audio format, perfect for listening to on your computer, iPod or other portable MP3 player.

#4: 30-minute private sponsorship success strategy session with me.

womanPhone2One of the reasons I’ve done so well helping others with securing sponsorships is I instantly see the value in a project that someone wants sponsored.

So within the first two weeks of investing in the program, we’ll talk one-on-one about some potential projects you want to get sponsored. I’ll give you straightforward advice and ideas to take that project and make it sponsor-ready in no time. (My clients pay me $297+ for this session alone!)

Leesa Renee Hall
Shannon’s open and straightforward approach not only makes it easy for anyone to get corporate partners, but keep them happy as well. Just in a few weeks, I’ve gotten more than $25,000 in sponsorships – and I know the strategies I learned from her will continue to let me make more money for my business for years to come.


So I know you’re wondering…
‘how much does all this cost?’

Let me answer that with a question of my own:

How do you feel about leaving money – perhaps $10,000 or more – on the table every year?

I bet you are getting that awful feeling in your stomach – or may even be avoiding the question altogether.

BLeavingMoneyOnTableut the fact is you ARE leaving money on the table by not securing sponsorships for your business. And not just money – but credibility and visibility to boot!

The Sponsorship Made Simple program was created to help you increase your value in your business. It’s an easy way to really get your message out to your market and get paid to do it!

All you have to do is secure one sponsor at $1000 and you’ve more than paid for the low investment of $997 for the entire Sponsorship Made Simple home study program – with some extra $$ to boot! And in case you are wondering… most of my clients who done the all the work in this program have at least TRIPLED their money back within just a few weeks! Yes, TRIPLED.

And you’ll have everything you need to do it again and again, so you’ll make back your investment AND start putting cash in your pockets quickly.

On top of all that, this is going to SAVE you time and aggravation struggling to try to do this all yourself. Because if you make one mistake approaching a potential sponsor, you’ve lost them forever. (And yes, they will tell their colleagues in other companies to avoid you as well!)

I’ll even make it easier for you by offering a three-payment option.

Just imagine how much easier life will be for you once you understand how to get corporate partnerships the RIGHT way. You’ll be making more money, gaining more prospects and enhancing your brand with just this one marketing tactic! What is THAT worth to you?

And no need to worry… you’re protected!

I know this is a great investment for anyone’s business. It has the potential of really making a HUGE difference to your bottom line… as long as you commit to following through and doing the work.

Just to prove that sponsorships can make a difference to your bottom line, you have 30 days to live with the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you… in your heart. If you decide it’s not,  just let me know and get a full refund.

Nancy Marmolejo
Shannon took me by the hand & helped me understand what sponsors are really looking for.  And with her help, I was able to generate $40,000 in sponsorships which offset my costs, added prestige, and created a win-win-win for sponsors, my audience, and for myself.

And there are bonuses!

I love giving out REAL bonuses that will make a difference to your sponsorship efforts.

30-minute private session with me to review your proposal - a $997 valueLike I said, I REALLY want to help you succeed in getting sponsorships, and I know the biggest stumbling block is making sure that your sponsorship proposal is right before you send it out. That’s why I’m happy to take a look at yours – anytime in the first 6 months of your investment, to make sure you’re not missing anything. I’ll give you my honest and direct feedback to in a 30-minute call after you send me the proposal. (That way I won’t be wasting your time while I read and review it!) This alone is worth triple the price of this entire program.

Top Corporate Sponsor Profiles – a $197 value.  I share with you some of my own research on three of the top corporate sponsors out there.  In these in-depth profiles, you’ll learn exactly what these companies look for in sponsorship and how you can catch their eye.

Private forum/group to get feedback and ideas, as well as ask questions – a $197 value. Our group of people who are going through the sponsorship process will not only inspire you, but help you stay on track with your sponsorship efforts.

Ready to get started?

Yes Shannon! I want to stop leaving money and prestige on the table and start getting sponsors!


I understand that the Sponsorship Made Simple Training  includes:

  • 6 (six) video lessons
  • Templates, checklists and samples
  • Audio copies of the lessons
  • 30-minute Sponsorship Success Strategy session

Plus these additional bonuses:

  • 30-minute private proposal review session
  • Corporate sponsors profiles
  • Private forum/group to share ideas and get questions answered
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Additional 30-minute Sponsorship Success Strategy session

And I know that I’m covered by your exclusive guarantee.


Best  value!

$997 for the complete Sponsorship Made Simple program.

 - or-

E-Z 3-pay option.
$366  billed in 3 payments every 30 days ($1100 total)

Your order will be processed on secure servers.

WANT TO ORDER OFFLINE? No problem! Call 518.632.6212


To your success!

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA

PS – If you’ve been struggling to build your brand, get more credibility and make more money, I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for.  I know sponsorships may seem a bit pie-in-the-sky to you, but I assure you they are not. (Just re-read the myths I shared with you above if you are still not sure!) Sure, you can keep going the way you are and hope that something will work you… or you can make it easier on yourself and let me help you start getting sponsors.

PPS – Yes, I do offer private coaching on sponsorship as well, and it includes additional help from my team to discover the right sponsors for you!  If this interests you or if you have any questions about Sponsorship Made Simple, please contact me by filling out the form below.

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